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8mm hall sensor for roads with manhole cover


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1x hall + 1x magnet

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Hall type magnetic sensor of 8 mmØ with 15 cm of wire, for flush mounting on "Car System" kind roads.

It is capable of detecting the magnets of the Car System type vehicles, only if the polarity that points to the road is South. This position is different from that provided by the steerings of Faller's Car System vehicles, so this sensor will not be able to detect the steerings if it's placed in the center of the road. Therefore it will only be able to detect the extra magnets that are placed on the side of the vehicle, as long as their position is correct, with the South facing down.

Each hall sensor is provided with a 3 mmØ x 1mm magnet for being placed on the underside of vehicles.

The sensor is decorated with a manhole cover, made with laser engraving. The color is similar to the oxide of the manhole covers, but if desired, each user can paint it as they like.