Flash lights (SOIC8)

Chip (SOIC8) Module B2 for 6 leds


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3x 2 inverted quad flashes

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Working Voltage3'5/5 V (dc)

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SOIC-8 microchip with DC-Car encapsulation.

The B2 module performs 3 simultaneous and identical sequences, each of them alternates two quadruple inverted flashes.

The B1 module is the same but the lights are not reversed.

The operating voltage is between 3'6 and 5 volts, each output supports 20 mA. The resistance values of each LED are between 330 ohms and 470 ohms, depending on the desired brightness.

The anodes (positive poles) of all LEDs are connected between each other and also connected to the output + of the DC-Car decoder voltage transformer, or any other alternative power supply.

Control of the module operation is done by feeding it directly with any light output without series resistance of the DC-Car decoder (in this example flash light 4 programmed as continuous output), or directly by a negative signal, so this module can also be installed in vehicles without digital decoder.

PIN 1: Pair of flashes 1 led 1
PIN 2: Pair of flashes 1 led 2
PIN 3: Pair of flashes 2 led 1
PIN 4: Negative (feed)
PIN 5: Pair of flashes 2 led 2
PIN 6: Pair of flashes 3 led 1
PIN 7: Pair of flashes 3 led 2
PIN 8: Positive (3'5 / 5 V DC)