Sound Modules (SOIC8)

Chip (SOIC8) Module K3 sirens


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2 siren sounds (Wail + Yelp)

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Working Voltage3'5/5 V (dc)

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SOIC-8 microchip with DC-Car encapsulation.

The K3 module provides two tones of the American siren. You can toggle between siren type Yelp (fast tone) and Wail (slow tone). There is also an automatic mixing mode.

The sound module is activated and deactivated with the output of the sound module of the DC-Car decoder, a 1KΩ resistor is required.

In the example scheme, the light output 2 manually alternates between both tones. And when activating light output 3 both tones alternate automatically. Any other constant light output can be used. If a flash type output is used, the CVs must be modified so that the output is continuous (without blinking).

If manual switching is not desired, the change can be made automatically by connecting the corresponding pins of the sound module with the negative cable.

PIN 1: (Not used)
PIN 2: Manual tone switching (Yelp/Wail)
PIN 3: Speaker +
PIN 4: Negative (feed)
PIN 5: (Not used)
PIN 6: Sequence start
PIN 7: Automatic tone switching (Yelp/Wail)
PIN 8: Positive (3'5 / 5 V DC)