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Special quick charger for single cell (3.7V) LiPo batteries with a capacity of 380 mAh.

The LiPo battery is charged in a controlled manner: first a precharge depending on the load condition, then a fast charge follows until the battery is full. The fully charged battery is kept in shape with the so-called maintenance or trickle charge.

The charger has a mini USB connection for power.
Power is suplied via Mini USB port (no data transfer) and can be done:

  1. AC power adapter with mini USB connector (see accessories)
  2. USB devices such as a PC, Laptop, USB hub, etc.
  3. When "mobile" solution without mains power connection: special battery holder for larger NiMH battery (LiPo battery is then charged with this from a much heavier NiMH battery)

Voltage 3.7V
Capacity: 380mAh
Charging time: approx. 1 hour (depending on battery condition)

Red LED: Power status display indicator

Yellow LED: Battery is charging

Green LED: Charging is finished 

Connection: fixed cable with 3 pin LiPo charger plug with a pitch of 1,27mm (it prevents accidentally connection to a standard Faller charging socket (3 pin, 2.54mm))

NOTE: LiPo batteries can be charged only with a suitable LiPo charger. The charger must be adapted to the capacity of the battery! (Risco fire or explosion itself)

LiPo batteries can NOT be charged using the standard Faller charger. (As a result, the charger is equipped with a different plug).

LiPo batteries should never be discharged completely! For DC-Car decoders, the battery monitor in the decoder, must therefore be switched on and set correctly.