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3 lights rotating beacons (x2) Krois

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2 units included

Available in 2 colors: Blue and orange

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Rotating light for special and emergency vehicles, available in blue and orange.

Each rotary has three LEDs, with two wires each. When turned on consecutively they generate a rotating light effect.

To control the three leds we offer microchips with encapsulations DIP8 y SOIC8. At the common positive wire a resistor should be connected, an approximate value of between 330 and 470Ω is recommended depending on the desired brightness. The 560Ω SMD resistors are a good choice, as they are smaller than the common resistors.

If a DC-Car decoder is used, the CV57 = 64 can be programmed so that the Flash outputs 1, 2, 3 turn on consecutively, generating a rotating light effect with the three LEDs of the rotary. The microchip, on the other hand, allows the use of two rotors with two different speeds, but in this case, when connecting two parallel rotors in the decoder, the speed will be the same.

If a Krois decoder is used, them can be connected directly without resistance. Using 3 outputs the lights rotate at the same speed and using 6 outputs, the rotarys can be programmed at different speeds.