Static decoders

Decoder DC07-S (Static 1,2 - 2,4 V)


New product

Up to 16 outputs for lights (2 of them can control servos)

For static vehicles with batteries from 1.2 V to 3.6 V

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33,06 €

Data sheet

Width10 mm
Long15 mm
Sistema de controlDigital DC-Car
Working Voltage3,6V

More info

This decoder is designed to equip a static vehicle with lighting functions and up to 2 servos. It has no infrared amplifier. The control of the functions can be done through an LCIR system or through a DCC central with a resistance of 150 KΩ at the IR input.

It can be installed in immobile vehicles, or vehicles with movement such as airplanes, helicopters, ships...

Short and long digital address (1-127 / 128-9999) factory default: Address 1.

For vehicles with batteries from 1.2 V to 3.6 V. The decoder has a voltage converter for 1-cell (1.2 V) or 2-cell (2.4 V) batteries. It can be used in vehicles with 3-cell batteries (3.6 V) or LiPo batteries (3.7 V), but a diode must be connected to the + input of the decoder (See diagram).

Decoder ready to work: Factory pre-programmed CVs with the most common values.

Possibility of control from 8 meters away by LCIR of 455 kHz.

Automatic light function (day/night) by means of a luminosity sensor.

It can control up to 2 servos.

Most outputs include an internal resistance, so LEDs can be connected directly. Some outputs require an external resistance to connect the LEDs.

Up to 16 outputs (5 of them multi-function MF):

- Light 0 Front position
- Rear position light
- Extra brake light that is activated when slowing or stopping. Adjustable time (CV 63). The output can be connected to the rear position light or to an extra red light
- Left direction blinker (or fixed, through CV 30)
- Right direction blinker (or fixed, by CV 31)
- 5 programmable emergency lights: fixed or various types of flashes (3 of the outputs require resistance)
- Light 2
- Output MF1: Light 4 or servo
- Output MF2: Light 3 or servo
- MF3 output: Light 5 (Requires resistance) or lighting sensor for day/night control
- MF4 output: Hall sensor or light 6 (Requires resistance) (CV 25)
- Output MF5: XT Infrared Emitter or light 7 (Requires resistance) (CV 25)

F0: Front light + Rear light
F1: Blinker Left (steady light if CV30 = 0)
F2: Blinker Right (steady light if CV31 = 0)
(F1 + F2 = Emergency flashers)
F3: Ignore front anti-collision
F4: Ignore reed switch
F5: Emergency lights "Flash 1+2+3+4" (They can also be fixed lights)
F6: Front flash "Flash 0" (steady light if CV38 = 255)
F7: Light 2
F8: Light 3 + Light 4 (factory value CV 20 Bit 4 = 0) / F8: Light 3 (if CV 20 Bit 4 = 1)
F9: Light 4 (only if CV 20 Bit 4 = 1)
F10: Light 5 (only if CV 27 Bit 3 = 1)
F11: Light 6 (only if CV25 Bit 5 = 1)
F12: Light 7
F13: Deactivate rear anti-collision

List of CVs in English (December 2014)

List of CV's in German (February 2017)