DC-Car Remote Control FB28 Plus


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Infrared command station for vehicles with DC-Car decoders. It controls remotely the speed and functions of vehicles, so it's an alternative to using a DCC digital station, for the normal use of the vehicles that circulate in the layout, and also to test the functions of vehicles as long as they are being transformed to digital.

It has 28 functions and is equipped with a rechargeable battery of 4.8 volts. Can be recharged with the optional 9-12V charger, center pin + and external pin -

The range of action is approximately 150 cm. In addition, using the accessories for the transmitter, you can test any led, and even check the IR emitters.

You do not need to enter the digital address of the decoder, it uses independent addressing and therefore it works with all DC-Car vehicles.


  • Left blinkers ON
  • Emergency blinkers ON
  • Blinkers OFF
  • Right blinkers ON
  • Increase x2 speed steps
  • Decrease x2 speed steps
  • Timed stop, depending on the CV108 of each vehicle (1 to 63 sec or permanent stop)
  • Stop (Only while pressing the button)
  • 30 km/h (speed step 10)
  • 50 km/h (speed step 14)
  • 70 km/h (speed step 24)
  • V. max. (speed step 28)
  • Activate front anti-collision
  • Deactivate front anti-collision
  • Activate storage anti-collision
  • Deactivate store anti-collision
  • Reed active
  • Ignore reed
  • Light 1 ON/OFF (Front + rear)
  • Light 2 ON/OFF
  • Light 3 ON/OFF (Light 3+4 depending on the vehicle's CV20)
  • Emergency lights (Flash 1+2+3+4) ON/OFF
  • Front flash (Flash 0) ON/OFF